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Free up to 30 phrases and 3 websites
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Check positions of your 3 web sites for 30 phrases for 3 months for free!
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Fee from 0.10 PLN per month for one phrase
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SEMotic is a simple to use, yet very efficient, tool that constantly monitors website positions in Google searches. The system will every day and automatically check your website positions and store them in a database instantly accessible for you, as a user.

Clear graphs will allow you to follow changes in the positions, and to forecast their future progress. Find out how effective SEO positioning is. Monitor your company's position with regard to selected phrases in ​​Google searches in different languages.


With SEMotic, your costs and positions are under constant control. Watch as your website positions change and generate reports at the end of month in accessible formats (pdf and csv). The reports are aggregated listings for the positioned website. We warrant clear display of current results.

SEMotic system not only allows for continuous website positions monitoring in the search engine, but also automatically calculates the SEO positioning cost. You'll generate a list of monthly expenses yourself.


SEMotic is an innovative system that allows checking the position not only of your website. You can track and control the positions of your competitors! The system presents comparative data in clear graphs. This way you will know what kind of marketing strategy to pursue in order to achieve results.

You can monitor the positioning progress and your competitors' responses in clear graphs. Check also the forecast of progress in SEO Agency activities. Control, track, and check your competitors. Don’t let yourself be surprised!